This is the reason that Boris and Lilly divorced

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Boris and Lilly Becker, in better times

In the court in London will take Boris to the left side. He is casual dressed, wearing sneakers and walk a bit lame. Lilly on the other hand exudes nothing but elegance in her high heels and is dressed in a chic blouse. Both of them have their lawyers on their side. Emma Sumner for Boris, Sally and Max for Lilly and Tony Beswetherick deals with the bankruptcy of the tennis legend. Reports

In England, you are obliged to show that your marriage failed, you do need at least one of the following five reasons: adultery, unreasonable behaviour, one of the two has the other person left you, you live longer-two years apart, or you already live five years apart from each other. Judge Gibbons is pleased to announce that Boris and Lilly have agreed that the unreasonable behaviour is at the base of the fall apart of their marriage. You don’t need their separation is now also to stand in the way.

After twenty minutes, the court declares the public portion of the hearing closed. The finances are according to Gibbons, is a private matter and should thus also be treated.

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