‘Theresa May sets crucial vote about Brexit’

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The British prime minister Theresa May is planning to be the crucial vote on the Brexitakkoord, that Tuesday in the house of Commons would take place, to set, report the international media. The agreement would, in fact, no support.

The British house of Commons would initially Tuesday night to comment on the difficulty reached agreement on the Brexit between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Both the British public broadcaster BBC as a Bloomberg report Monday afternoon on the basis of anonymous sources that the vote is postponed.

According to Bloomberg about the May since the afternoon together with her government, to a final decision. According to the news agency, it is not excluded that May still let persuade the vote later Tuesday night.

Officially said it was until Monday morning that the vote ‘certainly on Tuesday would take place’. The prospect of a possible crushing defeat in the parliament would be May, however, decide on its steps to return. An official announcement will follow later in the day.

If May actually decides to postpone the vote, that the whole Brexit in woeliger way to end up than where that all wrong. The British premier is Thursday in Brussels is expected at a European summit, where further agree on the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union would be made.

On the other hand, may May also not afford the current agreement on the Brexit is voted out of office. In that case, is heading to the United Kingdom on a hard Brexit, with possible political and economic chaos as a result. If then also the resignation of May or even new elections not to avoid.

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