Theo Maassen and Ghent Pheiffer in a youth series for VPRO

f0afffeb33745b7a95814a2f588120f7 - Theo Maassen and Ghent Pheiffer in a youth series for VPRO

Theo Maassen plays in the series the role of bank manager. The bank is heavily protected, and it is never someone succeeded in the bank robbery. The twelve-year-old Raffie, a role of Rover van Gennep, nevertheless, still an attempt with his friends. He needs money to prevent his little brother and grandmother out of the house.

Other roles are there for Maria Kraakman and Howard Komproe. Marie Louise Stheins plays the role of grandmother. The story is based on the book ” Sette piccoli sospetti by Christian Frascella, in Dutch, published with the title Seven petty criminals.

Innovative jeugddrama

The VPRO is called the series, a co-production with Pupkin Film, ’a successful example of qualitative and innovative jeugddrama’. Director Rob Lücker. In 2014 he won with his short film Das Wad Gouden Kalf for Best Short Film. Also, he directed the short film Walzer, the television drama Resistance, and the Messiah and the komedieserie Rundfunk.

“In the Netherlands is the level of the youth series very high. A nice personal challenge to make at this level, and in my own style, something new and special to put down,” says Lucker. “Seven little criminals is a gripping and exciting adventure for young and old, with a unique cast, set in a rugged and intriguing world where children have to compete against adults.”

According to the director turns the series effortlessly between drama, humor and suspense and flirts that openly with styling from the classic heist – and detectivegenre. “It’s a series that as a child I really would like to see. I am incredibly proud of. Children, you must take it seriously and there is a hefty dose of bite and tension. The new standard for jeugddrama is in my optics.”

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