That house with Margriet Hermans

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In Which house receives Eric Goens this Tuesday, singer, tv presenter and mediafenomeen Margriet Hermans. Margriet is to That house come up with the idea to fully expose. “I think that people face will be with my inner life.” In the 24 hours that Margaret spends in That house, she then also no issue out of the way.

64 candles
Just for them in South Africa arrived, if Margaret 64 blowing out the candles. In her room, she finds a verjaardagskaartje of her daughter Celien. Margriet has no easy relationship with her environment and her parents during her youth. Also with her daughter, that they are as aware unmarried mother, a daughter, with the often. “Same characters, you know”.

A rich filled life
To have a rich filled life as that of Marguerite can get you a book to fill. Turbulent youth, a wrong career as a teacher, but later a successful career as a singer, TV presenter and a politician. Over the past 64 years were a bumpy path for the wayward Daisy, which is the heart on the tongue carries.
As a teenager, overweight was Margaret the bullies always one step ahead, by providing them with her well-known style in place. Ever she weighed 148 pounds. In the year 2000, she had no other choice than a drastic vermageringsoperatie. “My life would be much easier to have been as a man. A fat man is fun, a fat woman is stupid.”

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