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Test your Knowledge: Our Crypto-Quiz

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How well do you know?

To provide you, our readers, a Tool with which to find out how good is your Knowledge about Bitcoin, the Blockchain and co., we have put together a little Quiz for you, which will be expanded in the coming weeks and months. Your the Quiz takes place under the Katgeroie “education”, or simply by using the Links at the bottom of this article.

The Quiz is divided into three phases (first,) 15 questions per Phase.
Beginners – Advanced – Professional.

You should not get directly at the level of “professional”, so you have at the end of the previous levels, allow for the possibility of your previous responses to evaluate, or to play in the next higher level.

In the evaluation, your circuit will see, finally, how many of the 45 questions you answered correctly.

So let’s go! Click through the questions and show us and yourself how well you are versed in the Crypto-universe.


We would be very happy if you leave us a comment with your score, etc.on one of our channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Telegram.

Lots of fun quizzes and best wishes from the entire
Crypto Ticker Team!

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