Streppel: ’Frenkie then not as far as now’

7589ee6c14ca37f490b368a77588e3a6 - Streppel: ’Frenkie then not as far as now’

Jurgen Streppel instructs Frenkie de Jong, not many matches would play for Willem II.

Jurgen Streppel, who was the head coach of Willem II and now coach of the Cypriot Anorthosis Famagusta, bears the mark that he’s Young and French. “There will now be all kinds of people about this subject at the foreground. It depends on how you look at it”, said Streppel.

“It’s simple. Frenkie was already a great player. On his fifteenth we made him train with the first team, which you immediately saw that he was quite exceptional qualities. Only fight we did against relegation, so we opted for other players. Frenkie was still long not so far as it is now. I think it’s great what he is doing now and it is nice to see how he all this has forced. Hopefully he develops by. Or he the level of PSG can handle? A good player at each position can play at any club.”

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