Sofie Dumont makes the 15 favorite feestgerechten of the respondents are ready

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The liveliest period of the year is coming up and this is part of a tradition, good food and drink. Sofie Dumont from Monday inspiration to all those who still don’t know what he this year on the festive table. Sofie listened to the opinions of the Flemish people and, together with them a top 15 of favorite feestgerechten together. Which dishes they will be three weeks in The Feestkeuken of Sofie.

Each week will also be assisted by a well-known guest. Ruth Beeckmans, should the striker noted. A kitchen princess, she is not; she extends her feet during the christmas season most of all just under the table. But Sofie puts her in her kitchen, still at work… Later, Sofie is also strengthening in the kitchen of Bieke Ilegems and Erik Goossens, and Sieg De Doncker.

Monday, december 10, makes Sofie a festive version of the classic scampi diabolo. The delicious dish calls for Ruth special memories. In addition, it demonstrates Ruth that she is in the house Beeckmans, a very special way to have a bottle of wine to uncork…

During the holidays you can score at both young and old with appetizers. On Tuesday, december 11, surprised Sofie with mini corn dogs and mini pizzas for the small hunger. The thirst is quenched with a vermouth and tonic. But Sofie has also, to the vegetarians and non-alcoholdrinkers thought with a vegetarian worstenbroodje and a cranberry mocktail. “Because nobody should be doomed during the holidays,” she says.

Ruth on Wednesday, december 12, in her delighted as it is her favourite dish, vol-au-vent, on the menu. Sofie goes to work with guinea fowl and wild mushrooms, so it’s a festive key. A shot in the rose for Ruth: “This is the best vol-au-vent that I ever have eaten!”

No Christmas without the turkey: also this oerklassieker is not missing in the list of 15 favorites. Thursday december 13 let Sofie see that everyone is able to have a christmas turkey ready. And Ruth shows her from her best side with a masterful turkey imitation.

Anyone who thinks that making a delicious panna cotta is a lot of work, by Sofie on Friday, december 14 on other thoughts. Sofie prepares the dessert in a rocker. And Ruth, who saw that it was good. “For dessert, I always have a spot for it!”.

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