Slutsky denounces mentality: “These things I have never experienced’

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Leonid Slutsky verbijt along the line in Breda.

After a weak first half it seemed that the people from arnhem on the stroke of peace is still ahead to come, when Navarone Foor from eleven metres was allowed to build. The ’Panenka-attempt’ of the arsenal failed, however, hopeless.

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“We have the last four penalty shots in a row missed. Something I have never experienced before”, proclaimed Slutsky opposite Fox Sports. “Alexander Büttner against Heracles, Oussama Darfalou against Excelsior, Bryan Linssen against Emmen and now Navarone Foor again. I have no idea what I need. We exchange of player and all they say that they are sure of their case, but if they are behind the ball than they miss.”

Bad tegengoal

That For after three missed Vitesse-penalty chose to take the penalty on which way to take, could also Slutsky does not explain. “I have no idea why he did that, I can’t be in his head to look. But even worse, I find that we are a minute after the missed penalty kick a goal against. Whether you’re scoring or not scoring, your focus should then always right back.”

After the 1-1 Linssen saw Slutsky Vitesse or persistent, but the attempts of the Foor, and Martin Ødegaard is not in the 1-2 result. “And then we lose again because we are at crucial moments, to make mistakes. And that can not, then you deserve not to win. We are mentally not ready for that kind of situations.”

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