Second spacecraft to exit solar system

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WASHINGTON – After more than forty years of continuous flying, the American spacecraft Voyager 2 our solar system leave. That happened on 5 november, the American space agency NASA announced Monday. The Voyager 2 is still doing. He flies at nearly 18 billion kilometres from the earth, and measure the area where he is through flying.

The Voyager 2 would be in november of the solar system have left.

Our sun shoots constantly plasmadeeltjes to him. That creates a kind of bubble, where also the earth. That bubble, the heliosphere protects us from cosmic radiation. On the edge go the plasmadeeltjes slowly in the endless space between the stars, called the interstellar medium. The particles there do not come from the sun, but from the rest of the universe. The border area is unexplored terrain for scholars. ,,By the work on Voyager I feel like an explorer. Everything we see is new,” said principal investigator John Richardson.

Since 5 november appears to be the Voyager 2 no plasmadeeltjes more to measure. It makes the NASA that our solar system has left. Three other instruments on board to confirm that. In 2012 he and his brother Voyager 1 him as the first man-made object ever.

“The Voyager 2 remains uninhibited and fly, with a speed of more than 55,000 kilometers per hour”

The Voyager 2 in August 1977 launched. The information that he to the earth, sends, takes 16.5 hours to come, albeit with the speed of light.

The Voyager 2 remains uninhibited and fly, with a speed of more than 55,000 kilometres per hour. About about 300 years, he came to the Oortwolk, a huge area of ruimterotsen and miniplaneetjes. The cloud is named after the Dutch astronomer Jan Oort. Possible come many comets from here. Most likely, the Voyager 2 about 30,000 years to pass through to fly. About 40,000 a year he for the first time a star against.

Two other probes, the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, are also on the edge of the solar system, but they don’t do it more. It is not known on which side of the border they are. Pioneer 10 about 2 million years to the star Aldebaran, Pioneer 11 flies over the next 4 million years as a ghost ship in the direction of the constellation of the Eagle.

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