Sabien Tiels and Amaryllis Termmerman on tour

3e8539624c51357ba3c0adfffd4faef7 - Sabien Tiels and Amaryllis Termmerman on tour

Last Saturday evening there was the premiere of Between Winter and Miracle in the church of Ash, in Genk, a christmas program with Sabien Tiels and Amaryllis Temmerman, or vice versa. It is immediately obvious that these talented ladies not as concurrentes, but in the meantime, genuine and sincere he were. Their voices complement each other perfectly and melt deliciously together. They bring a repertoire that is in part from their own songs, but mostly from well-known covers. Songs by Willem Vermandere, Lieven Tavernier/Jan De Wilde, Ramses Shaffy, Carole King and, of course, the Christmas inevitable John Lennon passing the revue and keep it very captivating for the audience.

Marco Cirone on guitar, Dirk Schreurs on keyboard and at times Sabien Tiels on the xylophone or piano make for a sober but very effective musical interpretation. Rather funny and emotional numbers alternate and make for an unforgettable listening experience.

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