Rupert Grint has no idea of fortune

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Rupert Grint

Rupert, who in the Potter films, and games-Ron Weasley played, knows only that he has ample means. “It motivates me not. It makes you comfortable, that is the good of it, I think,” says the actor about his fortune. “I’m glad it’s there, but I focus not really on.”

The red-haired actor was as eleven-year-old for the first time to see if Ron and played in all eight films about the magical world of Harry Potter. His property is estimated at 28 million pounds. The Radio Times told Rupert that he his life for the successful film series can hardly remember. “I think that I myself, gradually a little’m lost.”

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After the last filming stopped Rupert as acting because he had the feeling of being ’normal things to have missed’. He also went under the knife to have his tonsils removed, something he was not allowed from the producers. “The recovery period was long and there was a fear that my voice would change.”

That Rupert don’t know much of finances is also revealed in 2016, when he has a dispute with the tax authorities. He was after the ’creative accounting’ in the meantime, because of tax evasion and had a million pounds extra to give. Rupert gave at the time were ’very limited’ understanding of his financial affairs and his tax return to his father and his accountant.

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