Ronaldo challenges lionel Messi: ’Come to Italy’

fd63a81d5ad47a4318dbb5998dbae70f - Ronaldo challenges lionel Messi: ’Come to Italy’

Cristiano Ronaldo misses his little Argentine friend and see Lionel Messi like to go to Italy.

Ronaldo made this summer switch from Real Madrid to Juventus. After a rough start, the Portuguese turn in the Series A fully-found. He now has another nine hits to his name.

However, avoid CR7. Messi. “I miss him a little bit,” says Ronaldo against the Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport. Ronaldo would Ronaldo not if he rolls a little omdraaid. “I have lived in England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and with the national team to be played, and while he always in Spain is preserved. Maybe he has me more than I him.”

Fortunately, in Spain

The two attackers boosted each other in Spain to unprecedented heights and now Ronaldo is in a different competite than Messi plays, it seems like the end of an era Messi-vs-Ronaldo to an end. Although, if Ronaldo is not. “I see Messi like to go to Italy. Do what I did and take the challenge,” says the Portuguese. “But if he’s happy in Spain and wants to stay, then I respect that also.”

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