Robben misses Ajax-from

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Arjen Robben on the bench.

The vleugelaanvaller’t travel out to Amsterdam, ” he tells the NOS. The bovenbeenblessure of Robben is too persistent. He missed the matches with Werder Bremen and FC Nürnberg. The lefty walked up the injury against Benfica.

And yet still keep the heavy balende Robben the door on a small crack. It is very unlikely. Why? Because it is not going well. I’m not fit. Maybe that miraculously get better, but I do not expect.”

And that comes to the Bedumer. ,,I was happy with the draw. This is only the second time I was against a Dutch team would be allowed to play in the Champions League. And that while I still quite a few years abroad, play. I have a time against PSV, my old cluppie, played against Ajax.”

Ajax and Bayern will compete Wednesday at 21.00 to the group’s profit in the Champions League. The Locals need to win to be the first place to secure.

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