Rob Janssen presents RadioRing Gala

de5e14def3f9153f2a56ea5384bbc093 - Rob Janssen presents RadioRing Gala

Janssen finds it ’very fat’ he asked to the festive evening to present. “It is such a great show,” says the 3FM-dj, which is itself twice in the hall was. “I have a little idea that I just come and have a look. That I the gala can now be present for all the radio-colleagues, I find very cool.” Very tense, he is not yet. “I’m still not awake, no. But that may yet come. The most important thing is that it is a beautiful evening. I want to especially loosely, as I that on the radio also do. There must be something to laugh about.”

The new presenter was Monday morning announced with a sound, on a number of large radio stations. At that time, was also the stemsite open which listeners can vote on their favorite radio program. Except for the Gouden RadioRing be the Silver Radiosterren awarded to the best radio broadcaster, and presenter. Also, it is clear who is with the Marconi Awards, the vakjuryprijzen, go home.

Last year was the Golden RadioRing to the program will Lock in the morning of Gerard Ekdom on NPO Radio 2. He also received the award for best operator. Annemieke Schollaardt was voted best female dj.

The thirteenth edition of the RadioRing Gala will take place on 31st January in Theater Gooiland in Hilversum, the netherlands. For the first time, listeners get this year the chance to radiofeest to attend.

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