Process against Belgian student in Nicaragua to start

4c45ea485c6bfcb9010c5a5f43177dda - Process against Belgian student in Nicaragua to start

Monday will start the trial against the Belgian-Nicaraguan Amaya Coppens, who, since september, in the cell is in Nicaragua. The 23-year-old student of medicine, is a figurehead of the student movement of april 19, which emerged during protests against the government of president Daniel Ortega. The police accuses her of ‘acts of terrorism’.

Amaya Coppens, a Belgian father and a Nicaraguan mother, and in Nicaragua grew up, is accused of being that they are one of the leaders was that barricades conjectured during demonstrations in the city of Leon. Also she would be a university building on fire.

For the father of Amaya the allegations set up by the directors, that ‘all the cogs of the state in his hands’.

Foreign Affairs in Belgium follows the case closely, but has little room for manoeuvre, because the authorities consider the student as a Nicaraguan, because of her dual nationality’.

In Nicaragua broke on april 18, a political crisis, with protests against a planned reform of social security, which in the meantime the job is. Subsequent events demanded the demonstrators, the resignation of the president. The manifestations were so hard precipitated over 320 dead and 2,000 injured.

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