Peter Pannekoek angry at government

44557123d0e8cb0ddfe9b80935e834f6 - Peter Pannekoek angry at government

“This frustrates me enormously,” writes Pannekoek. “Get a lot of sad emails from people who have been scammed. According to the government’s prohibition is not desirable because it does not fall to maintain. If there is no cabaret in there…”

Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Culture showed earlier this year know is not going to be the resale legal tackle because a prohibition not to maintain. In addition, the resale is than move abroad.

Also a bill to the trade to curtail aground in the First Room. Politicians found that the cultuurbranche the problem itself had to solve, for example, by more stringent on the name to go check if people go to the theatre. The SP is already years of hard against ’secondary ticketing’.

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