Own program for Gregory Sedoc

036b56c5f232319d475bcbf84cc8b304 - Own program for Gregory Sedoc

In each episode, visit Sedoc laboratories and test centers where the latest research and testing take place. In addition, he goes in conversation with scientists and top athletes. He takes the viewer from the inside to look at a world that is continuously looking for new materials and products. The Dutch Public Broadcasting announced Monday that the series Sedoc Examines from Tuesday 2 april to show on NPO 2.

Gregory Sedoc is currently one of the five remaining expedition in Expedition Robinson. Also does he will soon be on the quiz The smartest man, who Monday with a new season starts.

Sedoc is a retired English hurdler. In 2007, he was in Birmingham European champion in the 60 meter hurdles. He did three times at the Olympic Games, and won thirteen medals at the Dutch championships. He is now an analyst at the NOS, a personal trainer and working for the police. In 2016 he took leave of the athletics at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in his hometown of Amsterdam.

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