Orange-international organises christmas dinner: ’Everyone is welcome’

a55657dd01f29075ad0758fbe6a0b0a5 - Orange-international organises christmas dinner: ’Everyone is welcome’

Everyone is allowed on christmas eve, join Mandy van den Berg.

“The local butcher is sponsoring the dinner, the bakery provides tasty snacks and dessert and we have Tesla who was willing to get everyone in style.” Many people find it to be a special initiative of the family Van den Berg. Her invitation in the direction of lonely people was hundreds of times shared via social media and the response was overwhelming.

’Idea played for years’

“The idea played for years,” says the 90-fold international of the Orange Lionesses. “We are at home favour of voluntarily doing something for others and yourself bets for people who are less fortunate. In this way we hope more people have a merry christmas.” The people who come and do according to Van den Berg only to have to scroll. The rest is all taken care of. “The food, drink and transport to the atmosphere, music and warmth.”

The 28-year-old defender leave on the 23rd of december from her home in Valencia to the Netherlands. A day later, in the evening the christmas dinner in Westland. For the time being have eight people signed up for the dinner on christmas eve. “With more applications, we can still move away to a larger location, because we want to welcome everybody. Should this continue, can we just at our home to keep and keeps that warm woonkamergevoel maintain. It will undoubtedly be a special evening. All is there will be one man the happier the door from than he or she came in, than it is for us a success.” People who still want to sign up, Van den Berg a private message via social media.

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