One launches in the spring of 13 new programs and offers fiction series instantly online at

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In the spring of 2019 launches tv channel One of thirteen new programs. The new fiction series “Thirty-somethings” is immediately after the first linear broadcast is also available online at VRT NOW. Network manager Olivier Goris suggested the voorjaarsprogrammatie today in Antwerp to the press.

The new fiction series “Thirty-somethings”, about the typical lives of six thirty-somethings, in the time slot where now “Of Gils and Guests”. One hopes that this fiction series the viewers daily on their screen bind and also more variety in that slot.

Immediately after the linear broadcast, the whole series is also available online at VRT NOW. “This program will have to struggle to find its place,” says Oliver Goris. “For young people to achieve, we offer this range of online. We believe hard over the two ways of watching television: linear and online. With One, we want a leading role in this play. We go that way in the future to do even more.”

“Before I forget” is a short series in which reportagemaker William Deleu a month withdraws with his grandmother in the sheltered housing for people suffering from dementia. “Is there a doctor in the house?” is the new panelquiz with Philippe Geubels. In “Eviva Espana” Annemie Struyf on a visit to Belgians living in Spain.

In “the Hundred” does Marcel Vanthilt an attempt to “cheerful and healthy as old as possible”. Arnout Hauben pulls in “Around the North sea” on a 5,000-kilometer-long trip around the North sea. The new series of “The security of the country” gives an exclusive look behind the scenes of the crisis centre of the FPS Home Affairs. “Factcheckers” explores the facts and fables. In the new “Happy birthday to Soe” (still a working title) is going to comedienne Soe Nsuki looking to her Congolese family.

Woestijnvis made the new series of “Come and go”, about the world of the undertakers. One launches in the spring, the new fictiereeksen “Baptiste” and “Undercover”. The five-part documentary “Urban 70” brings special anecdotes and archival material about the godfather of the Flemish comedians.

Furthermore, there are new seasons of “emergency centre”, “DNA Nys”, “Slang” and “Growing your Own”.

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