“No one can have a ball take and pass it’

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Rafael van der Vaart is very critical on the current game of Schakle 04.

The game of last Saturday between Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund (1-2) will not go in the history books as the best ever. According to Van der Vaart has largely to do with a lack of quality in that Königsblauen. “Hard work, anyone can, but Schalke can almost no one is a ball aannenem and play. It is frightening to see,” says the 109-fold international against Sky Sports.

For peace came to Dortmund after a razor-sharp cut free-kick from Marco Reus, Thomas Delaney was promoted to the goal, on lead. Schalke 04 did not come to play football. “Someone like Reus can have a ball take. He let it be so simple to look at, but if you than to the players of Schalke looks, then it seems suddenly very hard”, says Van der Vaart, who himself 152 Bundesliga-wedsrtijden played in the shirt of HSV.

After rest, remained the champions of Schalke, Nabil Bentaleb, behind in the dressing room. The now stopped Van der Vaart watching the Match, which more or less in the same position for him as the former player of Real Madrid, is critical. “That Bentaleb is wearing number 10, but he delivers all the balls in. Virtually every ball is jumping off his foot.”

Schalke was at the same height. After a much-discussed VAR-moment was the ball by the referee on the spot placed. Daniel Caligiuri shot from eleven metres touch. A quarter of an hour later shot the young Englishman Jordan Sancho the winning goal. Dortmund by three points to lead the Bundesliga by seven points ahead of Borussia Mönchengladbach. Bayern Munich is third with nine points behind the lijstaanvoerder.

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