New single by Tamara & Tom

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Now the outside, it gradually becomes colder, Tamara and Tom on december 9, a heartwarming single. The couple that has in the past been scored with the singles which is a nod to the South not far away, wants to score with a Dutch-language adaptation of the popular ‘Bella Ciao’.

A lot of songs are about love. Let it now just the love for music that Tamara and Tom was alive, first on stage, later as liefdeskoppel. Although they both can look back on a successful solo career, decided the torque in 2013 to now to act.

Tamara and Tom share in addition to their love for music is also a passion for the South. Those two loves, and know they’re effortless to combine in their music. ‘Dr. Amore’, ‘Per Sempre’ and ‘Una Vita Con Te”, but a number of singles that you can effortlessly do dream of a sun-drenched holiday in Italy. On their debut album, ‘Passionate’, that is, in 2016, came out, are still more Southern-tinged duets.

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