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New Report predicts crypto-currencies, upward trend – Coin Hero

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New Report predicts crypto-currencies upward trend

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Matthias Nemack –

Even though it may sound in the light of the partly dramatic exchange rate losses in Bitcoin and other Coins are not necessarily for the layman to understand: The investment specialist firm GP Bullhound expects in a new Report, an early upward Trend for crypto-currencies.

Company expects to end the drought

In his by no means unknown report under the Heading “Technology Predictions to 2019” published by GP Bullhound, currently a new Trend-Report. The basis of the analysis of the technological Trends over several years, according to the publisher. This data served well the forecast for the next five years. For 2019, the judgment of the analysts is right.

Blockchain-importance for banks as a reason for new high-altitude flights

Despite the price drops and the various scandals within the industry around Malware, Mining, or ICOs in the coming year is for the crypto industry a better one. Or as it is called in the authors of the report, freely translated into German: The Best is yet to come. A reason for optimism, among other things, the growing interest of many banks and financial service providers and other sectors of the Blockchain is in addition to the progressing regulation in a number of countries. Also, many corporations are increasingly investing in crypto-currencies such as Ripple and Ethereum.

Crypto the Basis of new financial products currencies are increasingly

In addition, it products the development of new financial, the price increases in the coming months and years, to pave the way. As an example, the authors mention about the ETFs, the result on the Bitcoin. Also for other digital currencies providers are currently working on similar product ideas. That the age of digital banking breaks and crypto-currencies will play a role, should be the cornerstone of future successes. Pay via a mobile device could be through the Blockchain not only safer, but also faster and more transparent.

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