Neil Young, furious at the organizers of ‘megaconcert’ in London’s Hyde Park

d5b2b32a509a2b86986f990814af2d4c - Neil Young, furious at the organizers of 'megaconcert' in London's Hyde Park

Rockveteraan Neil Young is fuming: the organizers of the megaconcert in London’s Hyde Park, where Young was on the side of Bob Dylan would occur on 12 July 2019, have unilaterally given the green light for the sale of tickets, while Young themselves, to say nothing of knew. That tells music magazine Rolling Stone. In addition, he would not have been established with the fact that the concert is sponsored by multinational Barclays, “one of the largest funders of fossil fuels”.

“I had no idea that the ticket sales would start,” writes Young on his website. “I was the poster still finishing and was still investigating all details of the show me are on. And then, suddenly, gave someone the green light. The tickets were made available and the announcement was made, without that I was aware of was”, it sounds indignant.

The 73-year-old Canadian decries the fact that the tickets immediately to the public at large were made available, and not first to the subscribed fans on his website. Also the choice of sponsor Barclays, which he called “a financial institution for fossil fuels” calls, is cross. “I believe in science and the global warming, and I’m worried about the future of my grandchildren… there is no doubt: this is a big failure!”

He pulls the plug out of the show, but will let meaning that the current scheme is unsustainable. “We are the leaning situation to straighten out and will keep you updated on”, it sounds, and then he apologized.

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