Merkel: no smile, not be a popular message

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“International cooperation is the only possible route,” said Merkel, on the podium of Marrakech. ‘We have seen that countries cannot do it alone.’

It was a grim, but calm Angela Merkel that the stage of Marrakech entered. Like others, she defended international cooperation to make migration safer, more orderly, and legal. But in contrast to other speakers, it seemed as if But commitment had more to do with great policies. The chancellor seems to be the last political battle of her career to have found.

But migratiestandpunt within Europe firmly defend themselves from Hungary, Austria, Czech republic, Slovakijke, Belgium and Italy. That nationalist-inspired resistance, they had also an answer ready. ‘Anxiety about globalisation is abused by opponents of the pact, that misinformation spread, ” she said calmly. “We need to trust that a multilateral approach, where the UN after the Second world War on the built works. Multilateralism and the UN were the answer to a hyper-nationalism of that time. I stand here as a representative of that idea, because I, as chancellor of Germany knows how much human suffering the national socialism has caused.’

Merkel began as an opponent of migration. As she said once in a talk show against a young migrant, that ‘not everyone in Germany was able to continue’. When the girl began to cry.

Today, Merkel is not so much focused on the question of whether or not we the borders need to close, but on the effective management of migration. Smugglers may not determine how people crossing borders, ” she said. “We have to illegal migration combat, and the dangers to which people expose tackle. This can only be done internationally.’

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