Mel B had surgery to ’losgerukte ” hand

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Mel B

On Instagram thank you Mel B ’to all the great nurses and my wonderful surgeon of the London hospital for their care. The singer writes that she has two broken ribs and a ’losgerukte’ hand. “My right arm and hand are attached to and I try to be calm so that my broken ribs may recover. Ohhh the pain, but I am in safe hands with the care of everyone here.”

Mel would Monday, her book is Brutally Honest book signing in New York, but that does not go through. In her post (no excuses) she is towards her fans that a ticket for the autograph session had to be bought and promises at a later time.

It is unclear how Mel B her injuries suffered; to her message she added the hashtag ’accidents happen (accidents happen).

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