Macron promises to increase minimum wage

1d7d51736689649b8c0f3b7aa6d2a388 - Macron promises to increase minimum wage

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has in a televised speech measures promised after weeks of violent protests.

The French president called the anger of the protesters is great. “And often legitimate,” he said. It is, therefore, Macron the cardigans jaunes again to meet with some of the measures. So will the minimum wage from 2019 with one hundred euros to be raised. For pensioners he promises tax cuts.

“We will be strong measures, by the tax more quickly reduce our spending under control, but not with U-turns”, said Macron.

The French president is looking for for a while, desperate for a way out of the political crisis that emerged from the social unrest of the past few weeks. In Paris resulted in outright street fights and vandalism.


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