Macron promises a 100 euro increase of minimum wage

ac3431f26472f469e7b4c63ac51e44d6 - Macron promises a 100 euro increase of minimum wage

Paris – Macron promises an increase of 100 euro in the minimum wage. From the public treasury to understand and not at the expense of the employer. That says Macron during his speech Monday night.

In addition to the increase of the minimum wage raises Macron employers on their staff a year-end bonus, tax free for the employer and the contractor.

These are big gestures. But he tornt not to the ’rijkenbelasting’ ISF, where the Yellow Vests are also asked for.

The French president also know that the reform of the UNEMPLOYMENT insurance and the pensions, however, continues.

After three ’black Saturdays’, and blockades throughout the country took Emmanuel Macron finally the word.

Macron indicates in his speech, first of all, the violence that is perpetrated in the past weeks. “Unacceptable behavior,” said the president. But the dissatisfaction about the increase of the ecotaksbelasting he understands, says Macron.

“I have some people offended with my words, I have the feeling given that I have your problems does not always, have seen, that I have more important things to do.”

The measures which the president announces the Yellow Vests had calmed down. Their dissatisfaction arose about the increase of an ecotax on fuel, but running now to the expensive living and high taxes in general.

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