Macron promises a 100 euro increase in minimum wage

338713c9a5bd1295ec881386ea93d347 - Macron promises a 100 euro increase in minimum wage

Paris – President Emmanuel Macron is the evil French after their mass demonstrations were met. In a speech on radio and tv, he said that the minimum wages with effect from January with 100 euro per month up.

Pensioners less than 2000 euro per month, not backward. Increase of the contribution rate for social security is for 2019 of the job.

In addition, he promised the workers that their overtime next year will no longer be taxed. Employers, he called their staff a tax-free bonus to on top of the salary. ,,We want a France where everyone with dignity life with his or her work. In that area we have slowly been,” said Macron.

These are big gestures. But he tornt not to the ’rijkenbelasting’ ISF, where the ’Yellow Vests’ also asked.

Macron turned Monday night directly to the population, after weeks of protests by ’Yellow Shirts’. Macron indicates in his speech, first of all, the violence that is perpetrated in the past weeks. “Unacceptable behavior,” said the president. But the dissatisfaction about the increase of the ecotaksbelasting he understands, says Macron.

“I have some people offended with my words, I have the feeling given that I have your problems does not always, have seen, that I have more important things to do.” Macron admitted that he in the past eighteen months, no answer has been able to give on forty years of malaise.

The president also said that the reforms that his government wants to implement to keep upright. ,,We will be on the economic and social needs to respond with strong measures, by taxes faster to lower public expenditure under control, but not by 180 degrees.”

The measures which the president announces the Yellow Vests had calmed down. Their dissatisfaction arose about the increase of an ecotax on fuel, but running now to the expensive living and high taxes in general.

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