Macron due to the dust in tv speech

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Paris – Emmanuel Macron is due to the dust gone. In a tv speech in which he spoke of an ‘economic and social state of emergency’, he offered the French people, sorry for the ignore of their lives. Also felt he was quite in the bag for the Yellow Bibs to cater.

Emmanuel Macron did in his thirteen minute speech a clear toenaderingspoging to the ‘Cardigans Jaunes’, a protest movement consisting mainly of the lower middle class that is already decades by the politically ignored feels. ,,I do not forget that there is anger prevails and outrage by many French people shared. Forty years of malaise now comes up. We have in the past year and a half is not fast and robust enough to respond and I take my responsibility for it.”

The president showed that he is the accusation that he is arrogant and conceited to happen to them, has heard. ,,I know that some of you have hurt with my words. I want tonight is clearly against you: I have fought to have the system turned upside down, to throw, because I of our country please and the desire to serve.”

“Macrons ‘presents’ cost him between 10 and 12 billion euros,”

The measures that followed would be the Yellow Vests on are least favorable to vote for. The minimum wage is going to $ 100 up, which is a measure that the employer does not have to pay. Overtime for both employers and employees are tax exempt and a heffingsverhoging for pensions between 1200 and 2000 euro will be reversed. The president invited employers from their employees a tax-free christmas bonus.

Reform of pension and UNEMPLOYMENT insurance to go through

After these ‘gifts’, which he, incidentally, between 10 and 12 billion euros is going to cost, he had to know that another requirement is not granted: the reintroduction of a tax on large capacity. Macron was also still a little while that the reforms of the pensions and the WW will still continue.

Part Yellow Shirts want new actions

The first reactions of the Yellow Bibs were different – the problem of the movement is that there is not a word is spoken. Part responded positively and saw the way for negotiation. Others find that the head of state still has not listened to, they want to be, for example, more participation by referenda. This ‘Cardigans Jaunes’ let know Saturday re-action to carry out.

Of right – on left leg

According to analysts, took the Macron yesterday a social turn in his politics: after a year and a half on his right leg walking, is he going to over on the left. However, he can be the deep-seated anger with a few koopkrachtmaatregelen resolve.

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