Lut Hannes back in at Home

8b3ca2bcb547db4bd941d5916f47f27d - Lut Hannes back in at Home

A lot of Extra heat in the Home studios of today, because Lut Hannes (that Angèle Backx plays) is back and ready for more Angèle. Lut was warmly received and was allowed to prepare for the future scenes once again in the clothes of Angèle crawl. The actress was a while not on the screen during her treatment for breast cancer, but is now back Home .

“We are very pleased to Look back on our set,” says producer Hans Rays. “The first filming is not until after the new year. Today was just like any long periods of absence a kostuumpas and make-uptest. For the first time in a year that Lut back in the ‘bling-bling’-skin of Angèle stepped”.

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