Lukaku: “I’m too muscular for the Premier League’

95b49bbb95239843d6be2b62f98ff303 - Lukaku: "I'm too muscular for the Premier League’

Romelu Lukaku goes on a diet to gain muscle to lose.

United won Sunday at home with 4-1 of laagvlieger Fulham. Lukaku demanded one of the four matches, but know that he is still not at his top level. “In prospect of the world cup in Russia I have a lot of muscle mass grown”, says Lukaku. “So, I have a good world cup can play, but it does not benefit my game in the Premier League,” said the Belgian after the match against the British media.

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Big Rom big Rom is a nickname for the 78-times international. To own say so. “With the muscle mass that I have you can in the Premier League do not excel. I have muscle mass to lose,” the Red Devil.

Easy is not, but Lukaku sees improvement. “I stay far away from the gym, drink lots of water and eat mainly vegetables and fish”, says Lukaku, who have a special eat-and-exercise program with the medical staff at United has been drawn up.

“After the world CHAMPIONSHIPS I was very tired, but little by little I find my old level back.” It was Lukaku especially to the sharpness and aggression. “Against Fulham it went well. Hopefully I can make that shape now for a long time and to persevere.”

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