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Lotto Soudal makes Gerben Thijssen and Brent Of Nut pro riders in 2019

35a736216833cbd9217c6cb3e0346ab3 - Lotto Soudal makes Gerben Thijssen and Brent Of Nut pro riders in 2019

On 1 July next year, Gerben Thijssen (20) and Brent Nut (20) the transition from the U23 team of Lotto Soudal to the WorldTour team. Thijssen won this year the Belgian title to the promises on the road and Of Nut won the silver medal at the world time trial for promises. Both riders are currently with the WorldTour team on stage in Mallorca.

Kurt Of the Wouwer, sporty person in charge of the U23 Lotto Soudal, is also pleased with the promotion of its young men. “We have chosen to Brent and Gerben to let go during this decemberstage to all further knowledge can be create with the team mates and staff. That will be their integration next year without a doubt promote. They get in Mallorca, of course, a training program that is tailored to their prescribed. Their season starts in addition, six weeks later than that of the pros, so that is still far off”, says Van de Wouwer.

Lotto Soudal want Thijssen and Nut not to much pressure laying on, and leave them until mid-2019 the transition to the pros. “In the spring there is always more pressure from the outside, also on young riders. We want to help them get used to the transition. So we have in the past also Tim Wellens and Louis Vervaeke successfully launched”, says Van de Wouwer.

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