KNVB: ’Red for The Lies’

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Matthijs de ligt get yellow from referee Kamphuis. According to the KNVb this had a red card should be.

Reinold Wiedemeijer, ex-arbitrator and is active for the KNVB, told FOX that the red was in place, and that Kamphuis and VAR Dennis Higler wrong in their assessment of the situation. Both liked the yellow because Ehizibue the ball is not within reach had to be a direct doelkans to get. According to Wiedemeijer did not matter.

“In the field, I thought that I had not touched, but now that I have the images I have seen, I see that there is light contact was,” said the captain of Ajax. “It is a violation. Everyone can argue whether the yellow or red was, but that has no meaning anymore, because the referee gave a yellow,” said The Is, who prefer the emphasis on the resounding victory on the infringement or the injury of André Onana and Donny van de Beek explained. “We wanted to have a good feeling about the direction of Bayern Munich and that we have. 4-1 to Zwolle to win, is just plain good.”

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