Johnny de Mol makes for fuss with ’excited’ photo

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Johnny de Mol

Johnny makes it through a remarkable photo on Instagram clearly very looking forward to The Roast. With a photo showing the contours of his ’masters’ clearly visible in his sweatpants, he let his followers know ’excited’ to be. And excited he is visible.

Although he is in the notice of The Roast is dismissed as the son of God, proves he is with this photograph, yet not so holy. His followers can’t appreciate. Apart from the discussion about whether he really is or otherwise just a zucchini in his pants has stopped, especially a lot of mothers are worried about the picture because there are also young girls who follow him. And what to think of ’the disabled people who do not understand’.

Johnny is the third well-known Dutchman who is ‘geroast’. In 2016, it was Gordon as first to act, last year had to Giel Beelen mind to believe and now is Johnny so ’fucked’.

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