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Golden State Warriors elected to Sportpersoonlijkheid of the Year in the United States

1c10c8d3783f5dde47733de300fd0eae - Golden State Warriors elected to Sportpersoonlijkheid of the Year in the United States

The renowned American sporttijdschrift Sports Illustrated has NBA champion Golden State Warriors named Sportpersoonlijkheid of the Year 2018. In June, the team of superstars Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant for the 3rd time in four years the time champion in the NBA.

It is only the fourth time in the history of the trophy that a team of this award. Previously fell this honor the American ice hockey team (1980), the American vrouwenvoetbalelftal (1999) and baseballploeg Boston Red Sox (2004) in turn. On the roll of honour follows Golden State Warriors baseball player José Altuve and American football player J. J. Watt.

“There are superteams been that the way in which the game is played, have reinvented. But no team of the past generations, is so beautifully orchestrated as the Warriors”, justifies Sports Illustrated her choice.

In addition to the impressive performance puts the magazine also the emphasis on the social context: “As in the 64 previous laureates, it is not only performance that Golden State to define. The rise of the Warriors coincides with the recovery of the NBA as the vanguard of culture and society, such as with Michael Jordan in the 90’s. The current revival fits perfectly into a close relationship of sport and difficult issues of politics, race and identity, that the country is so divided.”

Sports Illustrated has a bean for basketball. Previously elected to the Michael Jordan (1991), Dwayne Wade (2006) and LeBron James (2012 and 2016) to Sportpersoonlijkheid of the Year.

This season weaves Golden State Warriors by the NBA. Despite a difficult period with 4 defeats in a row, Curry and co in the lead in the Western Conference.

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