Get Martijn Krabbé re-married?

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Martijn Krabbé

They placed a picture of the end lines of the poem on Instagram. These are as follows: “You are my love, you are the overview. I’m going to always love you, Deborah, will you marry me?” In the caption writes the friend of Martijn Krabbé YES in capitals and she states that this is the ’best end of a Sinterklaasgedicht ever’.

It got them lots of congratulations and some of them had already a little bit about speculation; two days ago posted by Martijn, after all, still a picture of him and Deborah on Instagram with the words: my love, my life, my friend and the hashtag promises.

Martijn Krabbé has been two times previously tied the knot warp: both times with Amanda Beekman, the mother of their four children.

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