General director of SC Heerenveen gets in

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Luuc Eisenga

“I have decided to do the business here, well quit it, and then to go in search of a new challenge,” said Eisenga, who since the beginning of 2016 in the Abe Lenstra Stadium works.

Empty stands and collisions

A departure from Eisenga has been speculated. The Frieze, taken from the cycling world, brought after his arrival, initially at rest back in Heerenveen, which was a turbulent period experienced. Last year swelled the criticism, however. So ran the commercial revenue back, touched the stands got emptier and collided Eisenga with people within the club. It now leads to his departure.

“I look back fondly on my time at this beautiful club and I am happy that we managed to peace and structure to bring back into the company,” said Eisenga in a press release.

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