Frank Kramer applying for a place at the table with VI

3ace59fee88afd65c642a29032353c0d - Frank Kramer applying for a place at the table with VI

This he Monday night show during his visit to the program, where they gave him a table apart on the first row in the audience. He shuns not to the VI-mens with criticism. “This program is in decline and there I will have nice examples of. And there really should be something to happen, since I have the solutions,” he says just before the advertising block.

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He throws it quickly to its open application back. “Look, you have for you, a man, good development, well-spoken, everything you can have. As a football player is/is not successful, not interesting. But that would be at the table with you for balance. I have a good taste”, after which he then by Jan Boskamp interrupted with: “This is a job application.” Frank continues: “I’m not here every week to sit. All you give me half of your salary, I’ll do it.”

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Veronica Inside keep immediately afterwards a poll on Twitter, with the question of whether viewers are more or less Frank Kramer want. On the social media, the reactions so far are mixed.

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