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Family of Désirée Viola asks donation for preventiecentrum on rouwbrief

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Désirée Viola, a 26-year-old actress, who at the youngest audience, especially, was known as the princess Rose from the Teen-series Prinsessia, got Friday out of life. Her father hopes that the death of his daughter suicide better discussion.

The death of Désirée Viola came for many as an absolute surprise. The young actress was known as princess Rose from the Studio 100-series Prinsessia. Also acted in Galaxy Park, Biba & Loeba and the online at Home-spinoff Secrets. Five years ago, she had the modellenwedstrijd of Flair won. She also ran a modeling agency.

Both the Studio 100 as the VRT were shocked at her death. “She was a talented actress and a very fine and enthusiastic colleagues, responded to Studio 100. The VRT stated: ‘Our thoughts go out to her family and friends. They will forever be part of the Teen-family.”

Her father hopes other families the same grief to save. He wants to encourage people to be faster on suicidal thoughts and to talk and in time the step to seek professional help.

‘Through there is nothing to say about it, we do more harm than good. Therefore, at the rouwbrief a call be placed to for the Warmest Week to donate to the Center for the Prevention of Suicide. People with problems need to know where they can go, so no one will ever have to make, ” he says in The Interest of the province of Limburg.

Those who have any questions around suicide, can visit the zelfmoordlijn via the toll-free number 1813 or www.zelfmoordlijn.be

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