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Ethereum: Constantinople date is expected in January

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Constantinople replaces Byzantium

The many people long-awaited Ethereum-Hardfork name “Constantinople” is apparently to take place in mid-January and a number of new features on the Ethereum block Chain.

The main developer of Ethereum decided on a two-weekly Meeting on the last Friday of the October adjourned Upgrade now in the case of Block number 7.080.000.

Taking into account the average block time of around 14.3 seconds/Block, and a remaining number of a little more than 234,000 blocks (as of now) the expected date for the Hardfork on February 14. January 2019.

With “Constantinople” after “Byzantium,” the second Phase of the “Metropolis”- Upgrades, initiated with the Ethereum-a Blockchain to Proof some -some significant innovations, such as the conversion of the consensus algorithm Proof-of-Work-of-Stake to know. This Transition to prepare for, delay the Onset of as a “Difficulty-Bomb” referred to Algortihmus, which increases the difficulty of the block determination drastically. In addition, the Block should be reduced-Reward, so the reward for the find of a valid block of 3ETH on the 2ETH.

What is the price?

Whether or not Constantinople is now in fact, or whether it will be postponed again in the short term, however, remains as to be seen as the influence that will take the Update on the price development of ETH. ETH is a decrease of over 90% since the ATH the beginning of the year, one of the biggest losers of the bear market.

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