Emanuelson: “He keeps me despite my age pushing

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Even with his lower right leg scores Urby Emanuelson in wonderful ways. “In terms of quality, I can still the same”, the former player of Ajax and AC Milan.

The comeback after the false competitiestart is for the former number 15 complete the conquest of the fourth position with a 3-1 victory on a direct competitor Heracles Almelo. A duel in which an old woman on soccer shoes, the 32-year-old Urby Emanuelson, the great luminary was at FC Utrecht.

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As a distribution manifold for the defense played Emanuelson a starring role against Heracles. The ease with which the old-following his departure to chelsea played was a feast for the eye. “The trainer that I have much on the ball come,” said Emanuelson. “I therein pushed by him. After such a contest as against Vitesse, where this is less the case, I get in my head of him. Then he wants that I grind to be on the ball to come. He keeps me in spite of my age of pushing to get the best out of myself.”

Central role

Lawyer plays a central role in the revival that FC Utrecht has gone through. According to Emanuelson simply by themselves. “A lawyer is a trainer of the old school. He will not do crazy things, but keeps it simple and provides clarity. This is he short on top, and he knows us, to excite. Despite his age and that he’s been around, he is still as fanatical.”

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Lawyer sets the bar high for the 17-fold international and believes he could be even better. “He chooses to be just a few short moments. Occasionally he is a little lazy,” said the coach of FC Utrecht, who is happy to have a player with the baggage of Emanuelson. “Urby has been such a fantastic career. He is 32 and can for Utrecht still mean a lot. We are happy that he is with us and if you see how this game plays, that’s great for the team. That also stimulates the other boys.”

That responsibility is new for Emanuelson. “I’m never really a leader, but I think it’s good to be with my experience of the other boys to help.”

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