Editor-in-chief and presenter apologize to Philip Freriks

cd82c84e361a9144ff7b0ef9eefb2581 - Editor-in-chief and presenter apologize to Philip Freriks

“On behalf of presenter Jos Palm, who requested that I have to let you know that he is ashamed for his unfortunate choice of words, which in this context Philip is very offensive. He wants to have his apologies. I hope that we succeed your trust the next time again to win back,” said Paul van der Gaag.

Paul went there from that Philip himself, wanted to stop his column in the programme. “That is, it now appears, a wrong conclusion. And I was, of course, in the weeks prior to his column of last Sunday made contact with him. That that hasn’t happened, is a colossal error.”

Philip Freriks received last Sunday during the live broadcast to hear that his column came to an end. Previously was the editor-in-chief of the VPRO is already deep into the substance, but the former NOS-reader has let you know there is nothing to see to still to return.

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