Death Prinsessia actress should not be meaningless

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Last Friday, stepped actress Désirée Viola from the life. Really no one from her area had to see this coming. None of her many friends and colleagues had noted that She was struggling. The defeat in the showbizzwereld was great when Friday night let the news of the round began to do. “Desiree was the light, our sun, our star, our princess … a daughter of the thousand,” writes her father on Facebook.

Désirée Viola was princess Rose in the successful series of Prinsessia. At Studio 100 was the defeat big. Saturday was the first film of night Watch in the premiere, but the staff of Studio 100 had it difficult for that party to continue. But Désirée would not be another wanted. “Why?” people wonder. Also her father Patrick sits with that question. The desperate act of his daughter came as a bolt from the blue. How tragic is the death of his daughter, the family would like to do something for the society. The family wants to avoid that other families the same tragedy to undergo. “That is exactly why it is so important that anyone dare to talk and in a timely manner the step to seek professional help. Because there is nothing to say about it, we do more harm than good. Therefore, at the rouwbrief a call will be placed in the context of the warmest week to donate to the Center for the Prevention of Suicide. People with problems need to know where they can go so that nobody ever have to experience,” says the dad to The Interest of the province of Limburg.

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