Daughter René van Kooten many early born

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René van Kooten

“This is me on november 16, with a tiny Apie on my chest”, wrote René in a photo from the hospital in Leiden. “That He is called Sophia Giulia van Kooten and on 14 november by an imperial road passed.” The girl had to come into this world because ” her mom suddenly very, very ill’. Sophia was far too premature and weighed ’less than 900 grams. “What followed were exciting days in the intensive care unit for mom and exciting weeks for Sophia in the incubator.”

Now it is better with Tanya and the little Sophia, who is ’like a lioness in the incubator a way to daddy and mommy and supertrotse, big sister Senna ” fight. “She is now almost thirty weeks, weighs about 1300 grams and does it in the circumstances is fantastic.”

Heartwarming support

Although mother and child for the better, wait for René and his family still have a difficult time. “We had until now never been without the brilliant medical care in Lead, and without the fantastic, heart-warming support of all the family and friends… from the depths of our hearts; thank you! Be kind to each other, that really helps. Hug.”

René made last summer announced father-to-be. “Hoped for but not expected,” he wrote at the time in a echofoto. The musical star let us know that the small in February, it was expected. René married in 2010 with Tanya, in the autumn of 2011, there was a Senna in the world.

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