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Cold shower in slotminuten

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Hein Vanhaezebrouck again, error to loss of points lead

Cold shower in slotminuten

Anderlecht, after the 1-1 against Charleroi behind with 1 to 9 and may get gradually warm to be in the top six to continue.

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Young lion Verschaeren in duel with Zajkov. Vincent Van Doornick/isosport

Hein Vanhaezebrouck again, error to loss of points lead

Cold shower in slotminuten

Anderlecht, after the 1-1 against Charleroi behind with 1 to 9 and may get gradually warm to be in the top six to continue.

Penneteau saves Charleroi: “Not bad for my age’

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Jürgen Geril

AnderlechtHet his surrealist figures for Anderlecht and his coach. In his last 20 duels won by Anderlecht, but 5 times. In 24 matches were the Inhabitants, but also 3 times the zero. And yet, life continues quietly in Brussels.

It helps, of course, that titelconcurrenten as RC Genk, Club Brugge and Standard in the same weekend, also points, let them, but it is even more painful that purple-and-white right at that moment can’t strike for them to catch up. “My young team is sitting at 90 percent,” says Hein Vanhaezebrouck. ‘Sambi Lokonga, Bornauw, Verschaeren… They did it well again, but that one time that she’s not perfect, that moment that they error in judgment is fatal. That is the learning process which we now sit. They are allowed two days bad, but then they have the back rights.’

Two penalty’s?

One phase came in the 88th minute. Anderlecht was 1-0, but then headed Desolleil a ball against the hand of Bornauw. Ref: Jonathan Lardot put the ball on the dot and scheidsrechtersbaas Verbist let us know after the event that there is no discussion was possible. Already discussed Vanhaezebrouck anyway. “I found that no penalty. That ball from one meter against Bornauw and his arm makes no movement towards the ball. They say that Sheba his arms against his body, but he can’t jump like a penguin? The ref did signal that his arm even above his head was, but he should still even bother to do to the images to look.”

“I found that no penalty. Bornauw can’t jump like a penguin to get his arms against himself?’

Hein Vanhaezebrouck

Trainer Anderlecht

Next to him sat Felice Mazzu to chuckle. Benavente had the penalty been scored, but the Charleroi-coach believed that his team already in the first half, a team credentials and stay up. When was Dessoleil against the arm of Landry Dimata. “And that arm was clear in the air’, argued Mazzu. ‘The fourth ref told me that the ball only, but the mind of Dimata had not been touched, but we saw that much more was going on. Why take the VAR is not there?’

The joust at the press conference afterwards was almost the jousting on the field. Both Anderlecht and Charleroi had good chances before the break, but after the break took mainly RSCA the match in the hands with plenty of youthful enthusiasm. The axis Bornauw – Sambi Lokonga – Dimata turned good, while Amuzu and Saelemaekers for wings made. The 1-0 by Françis Amuzu was earned.

‘It is sour’, continued Hein. ‘Both against STVV, against RC Genk as against Charleroi now we deserve to actually win, but in the final we remain behind with 1 in 9. We must learn to match dead, that 2-0 score. But we are young, hey.’

The magic formula

That is the magic formula. The audience whistled on the searching Ryota Morioka, but applauded for the strong Sambi Lokonga and for Yari Verschaeren very snedig experienced. Hein Vanhaezebrouck bought itself time by as much as babies, yet as long as RSCA in the top six and the competitors are not too far away to walk. So is also the board terminal, because what they can Vanhaezebrouck blame after aloud, In youth we trust to shout?


47’ Amuzu 1-0, 89’ Benavente 1-1 (penalty kick)

Penneteau saves Charleroi: “Not bad for my age’

37 years old he is already, but Charleroi-goalkeeper Nicolas Penneteau is not worn out. The Frenchman held Charleroi several times to right and in return got praise from his coach. ‘Penneteau is important for us, ” says Felice Mazzu. ‘Also at the tactical level he bears his part. He sees always a small detail where I don’t care.”

In the first place is Penneteau a rock-solid goalkeeper. In the first half, he stretched forth himself at a shot from Bornauw, after rest, he dived well at the feet of the broken Dimata. “Not bad for someone of my age’, joked Penneteau, who for the past five seasons, the beautiful weather in Charleroi. “If the defence, for me, a stitch is dropped, it is up to me to the team to help.”

Charleroi is because of the point at the same height of Standard, a seventh place, a point of a place in play-off 1. (bvv)

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