Cats cost British star relationship, but it makes him happy each day

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Dane Quixall during one of the first times in Cats

In the meantime, he makes for more than eight years as part of the ensemble of the touring version of the piece about the annual ball of the Jellicle cats.”It was the piece that changed my life,” says Quixall. “I saw the end of the nineties the video of the very first version. It was for me, as a boy of sixteen, a revelation: the magic, the choreography, the music, the costumes. It was something that I never saw before, and since never have seen.”

Quixall played for the past nine years now eleven different roles – nine men, two women. He is the ideal alternate, which at the last moment, can substitute as one of the other actors gets sick. Himself he danced only eight times per week a leading part; he is since a year a resident director. This means that he is on tour, the coordinator and point of contact for all dancers.

As a swing, or ’achtergrondkat’, the Brit almost every night on the stage. “The show offers so much freedom,” says the British dancer. “The dances are, of course, step for step. But in between there is you may as ’swing’ do what you want, as long as you but if a cat moves. You interact with the other cats every night is different; no single show is the same.”

Relationship cost

Quixall traveling the last few years continuously all over the world with the traveling version of Cats from mid december to april in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen and Breda. Last year he spent months in China, where the production of multiple major cities visited. “It attracts a change in your social life,” acknowledges the actor. It took him even to his relationship with cost. “He danced in performances in London and did not like that I the largest part of the year was gone.”

But regret this choice has Quixall not. “I also sometimes in scenes played for me every night lonely when I’m in my hotel room and fell asleep. But that is not true for Cats; we are one big family and the way it feels. Anyone who is in the traveling show, has chosen for this life, so we understand each other. There is not a day that I was unhappy to wake up.”

The premiere of Cats is on 20 december in the RAI Theatre in Amsterdam. In January the show at the Luxor in Rotterdam; in april follow the series in Groningen and Breda.

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