British prime minister May Tuesday with Mark Rutte

74112ea70c21eb646a7ce119f01a09b8 - British prime minister May Tuesday with Mark Rutte

THE HAGUE Prime minister Mark Rutte will receive Tuesday, december 11, his British colleague Theresa May. There is a werkontbijt in the Catshuis on the program, reports the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst (RVD). May had already been announced, with EU member states to want to discuss her brexit-ups and downs.

May is already the whole Monday in the focal point of interest, now it has waived its agreement with the EU-the brexit to submit to its parliament. The vote was scheduled for Tuesday night, but May has the parliament said that they still have consultation want with Brussels and EU member states. This seems to be the prime minister a humiliating defeat in the British parliament to evade. The vote was indefinitely postponed.

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