Brabander Record (31) set best coffee in the world

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DUBAI – Resident and barista Merijn Gijsbers (31) has this weekend, the Dubai International Coffee Championship won, a kind of world championship of coffee.

Barista Merijn Gijsbers proudly displays the bowl.

Gijsbers comes from the province of Brabant, Son and Breugel, and flew last week to the United Arab Emirates, where the world championship took place. The professional coffee machine was in the final the jury to convince during the making of a world cup.

It turned out the combination of coffee, presentation, and speed the best. “The beauty of this contest is that you are only a day in advance to hear what coffee beans, type of milk and with what equipment is working. Due to the short preparation time it really comes in the right skills. Coffee is no trick,” he says on Omroep Brabant.

The koffieperfectionist is delighted with his title, and will fly Monday back to the Netherlands. The title brings Gijsbers a jar and $ 40,000.

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Gijsbers grew up in a horecafamilie. “Coffee was always a topic at home. Although I thought I was very good coffee, it was found during my training at the culinary school that I still have a lot to learn. For my internship I am through-through at a coffee-roasting factory in Turin have ended up,” he said in 2017, in an interview with this newspaper. Now, he trains baristas.

“It runs during the match, of course, to the taste, but there is much more to it,” says Gijsbers. “There is caution or you clean and consistent work, and your appoint what you are doing. Furthermore, you should ensure that you have a special tea that suits your story. The overall picture should be correct: what cups do you use? What clothing are you wearing? How to get over during your presentation?”

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