Bergwijn: ’We are taking steps not just on the plane’

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PSV’Steven Bergwijn is ready for the match against Internazionale: ’We are taking steps not just on the plane.’

The players of PSV have enough compliments, but the balance sheet after five games is too lean: a dot. Opponent Internazionale competes with Tottenham Hotspur, that goes to visit FC Barcelona to the second spot. PSV can focus fully on the league. Or maybe not…?

“We are taking steps not just in the plane. We want to win and as nice as possible shut down,” says Bergwijn, that there logically, of frustrated that PSV in Milan only playing for the honor and the income. “We have, of course, against better teams played, but I have not had the feeling that we won’t stand a chance were in this group. That is also a positive, but on the other hand, it is very frustrating that we are but a point. But we know as a team how we have presented. We can take it further.”

Positive review

Despite disappointing results in the Champions League looks the vleugelaanvaller yet positive back on the European campaign of his club. Because of the competitions over the border and enjoy Bergwijn the most. “Matches at the top level, I am better. I have a couple of good games played, but also a few lesser. That is not so strange in this pool,” says Bergwijn.

Tomorrow night awaits the Italian powerhouse Internazionale at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza and Bergwijn know in any case how the famous Milanese stadium looks like from the inside. “I have never played, but have already ever been. I don’t remember which match, but AC Milan played. That was during a voetbaltripje with Ajax. But no, this is certainly not only a trip for us.”

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