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Background software vs. Bloatware

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Martin Hubmann –

Stephan Vogel, Lition-business development Manager:

We all have this folder on our Smartphones and computers, which houses all of the “Apps I use”. The stock App, the To-Do list App, the voice recorder, and three different Video editors… The maximum memory and computing power of our devices is by pre-installed Bloatware, which we are restricted to neither use nor need and often do not even notice. But that’s about to change now.

Recently, the Software began to take firm measures in order to minimize the unnecessary Chaos on our devices. Apple allows its users to delete some pre-installed Apps in iOS 12, while Microsoft would like to remove in the coming year Bloatware from Windows. Technology companies see users in search of first-class To-Do lists, and stock market Updates in the App Store will be able to find. No one is satisfied, when pre-installed, half-baked solutions will affect the performance of the devices.

Clever users have already uninstalled all the unnecessary Apps in order to have only the desired applications on the device. The attitude of the customer has evolved from “I want a device that can do everything,” to “can My device everything… but I just need to get these functions”. Since devices are becoming more attuned to users ‘ needs, it would make sense to have annoying little Bloatware folder disappear. A new kind of Apps could occupy the space.

Apps according to the Motto “out of sight, out of mind” could in future occupy this storage space on devices. To slow down rather than devices or their memory, improve these Apps, however, the money and the screen time. This is made possible by the AI-provided services such as Home Utility Management and Smart Home connectivity.

These Apps do not require user interaction and improve both the monetary as well as resource consumption. Information on energy consumption, health, and financial interactions of the users are used by AI, to be able to everyday decisions. Users must, therefore, spend less time in front of the screen, what is in the digital age, is particularly valuable. The AI applications to give feedback in case of a problem and provide information on automated operations.

The Berlin-based Blockchain-energy Start-Up Lition has such an “out of sight, out of mind”App designed to simplify energy trading for users. KI makes it possible to buy without user interaction, automatically energy and sell. While the energy portal is located on the devices of the user, the App will receive all of the required inputs on the smart reader of the company. This is an IoT device that analyzes the energy consumption in real time and the detected data to the App. Users can optimize, as a result, their energy efficiency, without lifting a Finger. Combined to save money and protect the Environment.

If users want to access the data, you can open the Portal without a problem and all the relevant information and trading options in easy and user-friendly Lition Interface. The Lition Team spoke recently with Forbes on the future of software design, stressing the importance of modernized user interfaces, as well as the removal of Bloatware and minimizing screen time.

Even if the Bloatware-Era gets to the end, this is not the end of the unopened Apps on our devices. AI and automated Services will occupy a similar place, but this Time the applications save their users both time and money.

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